Crop Circle Warriors Sizzle Reel or Demo Reel

30 08 2021

The Crop Circle Warriors Sizzle Reel is on Youtube. It is just a portion of the episode 7 series with a 4k definition. The said demo reel is about 12 minutes long with the intro and the credits. The animation, will be edited if there is a streamer interested in the series. The sound effects and voices are just temporary, as the final voice and sound effects will be decided by the streamer. We don’t want to waste finalizing anything, if the streamer will just change a lot of things in the end.

The demo reel gives the type and feel of the Crop Circle Animation series.


Philippine-Korea Creative Industry Cooperation Forum

19 02 2020


     We were invited by The Philippine Department of Trade and Industry – Export Marketing Bureau (DTI-EMB) to attend a Business Matching Mission together with the Philippine Trade and Investment Center –Seoul, Korea and ASEAN-Korea Center (AKC). The forum entitled: Philippine-Korea Creative Industry Cooperation Forum, was held last February 6, 2020, from 9AM to 5PM at the Ballroom 1 Fairmont Hotel, Makati. Before the event, we were given a list of companies that will be participating and the B2B schedule sheet where we can schedule a meeting with them for 30 minutes. Since the B2B will start at 1:30 PM until 5:00 PM, we can only schedule 7 meetings from a total of 16 companies. (Originally there were 18 companies, but 2 begged off due to the corona-virus scare.)

The companies were from 3 industries, Animation, Game Development, and Web-toons.

We were able to set meetings with 5 animation companies, 1 game development company, and 1 web-toon company.

I brought along Jap Tolentino, our Game Designer, and Baron Dimaranan, IT expert, just in case technical questions are asked.

Jap, Baron, and Alstaire

     During the event, Undersecretary Abdulgani M. Macatoman, DTI Philippines gave the welcome remarks. Plus there were some congratulatory remarks from the different ambassadors of both the Philippines and Korea. Then there was an official Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing between the Korea Animation Producers Association (KAPA) headed by Mr. Jn-kyu Nam, President and the Animation Council of the Philippines (ACPI) headed by Mr. Juan Miguel Del Rosario, President.

Alstaire with Mr. Juan Miguel del Rosario, President of ACPI, Mr. Rene de Guzman, Toon City and Mr. Rene Misa, Executive Director of ACPI.

     MOA SigningAfter this there were 3 presentations, first entitled The Philippine Creative Economy by Mr. Senen M. Perlada, Director of DTI-EMB, he showed some infographics of the Philippine Creative Industry. The 2nd presentation was by Mr. Juan Miguel Del Rosario, President of ACPI about the Business Opportunities in the Philippine Industry, more infographics and videos about the different studios here.

Alvin Juban GDAP Presentation

     Presentation 3 was from Mr. Alvin Juban, President of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), instead of showing more infographics, he told everyone on how Ubisoft, a AAA Game Company from France, put up an office here in the Philippines. It was the liveliest of the presentations. The last presentation was from Mr. Miguel Matthew “Magoo” del Mundo, OIC and Acting President of SIKAP – Creative Content Creators Association of the Philippines, who talked about Doing Business in the Creative Content Industry.

Baron and Alstaire with Migs del Mundo, former Top Peg artist, and Magoo del Mundo’s brother.

     The closing remarks were from Undersecretary Rowel S. Barba of the Department of Trade and Industry Philippines.

Alstaire with Lawrence Panganiban

     A Networking Luncheon soon followed, I was able to talk to a guy named Lawrence Panganiban, who was representing the Cebu Chamber of Commerce. He was surprised that there was a creative industry in the Philippines, and he was so enthusiastic to be invited.

     Next was the highlight of the event, the One on One Business Meetings. The Korean Companies were arranged in the function room with a table and provided an interpreter. We were able to add to our meetings because of some of our scheduled meetings were short, so we had time to talk to other companies that we did not schedule for.

Below are the companies we met with and the summary of each meeting.

For Animation:

Company Name: DPS

Representative: Jin-Kyu Nam

Position: President


Current Project:   Hold on tight! –

About Company: They needed help on an animation series, which look very much like Japanese Anime,  they had 8 Episodes at 22 minutes each that were outsourced to China. I think they had to pull it out from China because of some misunderstandings. Their target deadline though was for the end of 2020. Out of all the meetings we had, he was the only one who was interested in visiting our studio. Which the representative of DTI said, was a positive note, it meant he was interested in us.

Company Name: Tak Toon Enterprises

Representative: Han Tae Sik

Position: Producer


Current Project:   The Curious World of Linda 36 episodes x 7 mins each – , The Forks with Spiky Hands –

About Company: They have both 2D and 3D animation projects that need outsourcing. The different art styles, some were like cut out characters and some were full 3D, but their target audience were younger kids.

Jap, Alstaire and Mr. Nick Jo of Pictionary Art Factory

Company Name: Pictionary Art Factory

Representative: Nick Jo

Position: Director / CFO


Current Project: Aerover –

About Company: They needed help on Episodes of Aerover, a 2D action animation with 3D drone animation. They were willing to outsource from pre-production to post-production.

Company Name: RedRover Co., Ltd.

Representative: Won Chuil Hwang

Position: Head of Animation Business / Producer


Current Project:

About Company: They are developing a Nut Job 2D animation TV Series based on the 3D Animated movie that came out in 2014. They said the movie was a hit, with a budget of 43 million USD, they made 120 million USD in the box office, but the sequel though was a flop though, maybe due to marketing. I told them that I was able to see the first movie, but I did not know there was a sequel. They wanted to do something with their IP so they are planning to make a 2D animated series like Tangled and Big Hero Six, which also started as 3D Animated movies.

Company Name: ANYZAC

Representative: Byungjun Lee

Position: CEO


About Company: More of a 3D Animation studio, but has some 2D projects for outsourcing. Interested to outsource pre-production and 2D animation.

For Game Development:

Company Name: CSI Studio Co., Ltd.

Representative: Jack SHin (Jong-Soo)

Position: President


About the Company: A Game and Software company, has a personal project that he wants to outsource. He has an IP for a game that was created back in 2003. He said it was a good concept about the Animal Kingdom, but the game mechanics were poor. He wanted it to be updated and be relevant again. Baron was interested in giving him a proposal for the redesign.

For Web-Toons:

Company Name: D&C Media

Representative: Sunjoo Oh

Position: Rights Division / Division Manager


About the Company: Produces webcomics. Looking for collaboration but don’t know what kind.

Baron was able to talk to them last year in the Asia-Eu Cartoon Connection 2019. Baron proposed to do a Portal here in the Philippines but he never heard back. Ms. Sunjoo Oh was surprised to hear of this, so she had Baron to send the proposal again, although she said that it wasn’t a top priority for their company.

Baron with Mr. Blue Company

     Baron was also able to talk to Mr. Blue, a webtoon company. But he could not understand what they needed.  They needed companies with cooperation experience with Korean companies. We believe they were looking for co-producers on some projects.

In my opinion, this was a great opportunity to showcase what our industry had to offer, unlike before when we had B2B meetings in Japan and Korea, this time we had an opportunity to invite them to our studios. Although, I can sense that most of the companies that attended, did not have a clue about what and how they will do business with us. Like what Mr. Alvin Juban said about Ubisoft, they don’t need us. They have people, backing by their government and many modern facilities and equipment. They were curious though on what we had to offer, they were also impressed by the products we showed, particularly our work on The Crop Circle Warriors game. But like Ubisoft, they saw a potential for collaboration, maybe if they need more manpower since they outsource to China. I also felt Korean animation looks close to Anime but was more targeted to the Western market, so I think we would be able to business with them in the future.

Text and Photos by: AlstaireA. Sarthou

Animation Enhancement in the Crop Circle Warriors Introduction

31 10 2019

It took a lot of time to re-enhance or remaster the old introduction of the animation series. We thought hiring experienced animators working in the industry would get the job done faster and with no errors, although some were fast workers they did not follow the instructions faithfully. This caused some errors in the retracing of the animation. Another time-consuming task was adding or changing the special effects to make the animation better. The experience we got in re-enhancing the introduction will be used to re-enhance, improve, remaster the whole series. Although this will cost a lot of time and money to do this; we are committed to finish the job. The enhanced Crop Circle Warriors introduction is placed in the Crop Circle Warriors Mobile Game Facebook page or Youtube.

Converting to 4K

  • Conversion from Standard Definition which is also used in DVD (720 x 576 resolution) to Quad High Definition or 4K (3840 x 2160 resolution). We have to retrace the old drawings to make the drawings more defined.  See below for size comparison.


  • If you watched an SD movie on a large TV, the image will stretch, hence the noticeable pixelation. Details like facial freckles and Zipper teeth are seen in a higher resolution, whereas in the standard definition it does not exist.

  • We had to trace the original drawings digitally in a vector-based (crisp lines at any size) animation software so we can render it at any size. Originally we drew on paper then scanned and colored in a raster-based (pixels) software.
  • Because of the higher resolution, we had to redo ALL 3D Objects (Mechanical Crop Circle, Frogee’s Mother Ship, and Tadpole Ship) and ALL the Special FX.


Improved Special Effects

  • Instead of redoing the special effects, we improved it (Jobert’s energy). We also placed effects on scenes that didn’t have any before (Frogee’s Heads Up Display (HUD)).

  • The energy for the Cyber Warriors also needed to be consistent so we applied the same effects to all of them.

  • Tany’s staff/sticks are now more like a lightsaber than before. With energy moving around the object.

  • Krystel’s wings are now more Cybernetic looking, although we are thinking of enhancing this more in the series.

  • Texture has been added to light flashes from weapons and energy.

Enhanced Backgrounds

  • Most of the backgrounds were created larger than HD, so we just had to enhance some of them. We enhanced them by adding blurs, color correction, and some atmospheric effects.

  • The Nebulas and Space Backgrounds were redone from scratch, we had to look for Royalty Free Nebulas in high resolution before we could add animating stars and give them volume.


  • 3D Models were also used to improve backgrounds (Zem in Power Plant Door), we plan to use 3D models for other backgrounds in the series to create depth and to minimize redoing everything in 2D.

Improved Character Design, Animation and Poses

  • Most comments we had for Moleth are “Why does he look like a tongue?” and the worst comment was “He looks like a phallic organ.” So we did a minimal redesign so it wouldn’t be too hard to fix. We changed the head to have only one hump and raised hi facial features so that he looks like he has a body, instead of a head with arms and legs.

  • We also improved the poses to be more dynamic and more appealing.

  • Some animations were also improved, both in modeling and in action.

  • We improved the designs for Frogee’s Mother Ship and the Tadpole Ship, making the designs close to those used in the game. The artist here suggested giving the two ships’ names, similar to the Millennium Falcon of Hans Solo (Star Wars) and the Star-Lord’s Milano (Guardians of the Galaxy). Names suggested were O.C.A.C. or Cybercraft Operations Conducive for Alien Contact and B.O.T.E.T.E. or Bio-Oceanic and Terran Exploration Tactical Envoy.


Additional Scenes

  • We added new scenes from Episode 7 especially the actions scenes of Jobert with the Tahug Ziga Core. The actions in Episode 7 have greatly improved compared to the old version. We plan to do this in all of the episodes.

  • We also redid the Title, to match the title of the game.

Story Enhancements

  • Some changes were made more for story enhancements also to make plot points clearer.
  • We reduced the Crop Circles in space to those of Jobert, Jess and Tany, so it won’t confuse them on what those images are. When the audience sees these symbols again at the Character introductions, it becomes clear who those symbols belong too.

  • While the camera zooms in to a Crop Circle on Earth we added a Nazca Line of a frog while the crop circle is revealed to be an eye. Interconnecting the plot points of the Nazca Lines and the Crop Circles that we can use in later stories. We also made it an “easter egg”, to make it a surprise to audiences who notices it.


Crop Circle Warriors Power Up


Text and Images by Alstaire A. Sarthou