Episode 1: Affirmation

 Jobert, a used car sales man, tries to stop some carnappers. He unknowingly released some of his latent powers.



Episode 2: Transformation

 Jobert, still pondering about what happened earlier, gets abducted by Alien cops, Frogee and Moleth. Who are these aliens and what are their motives? We meet new allies in Jessalaine and Tany, and discover the threat known as Balhalya.



Episode 3: Gestation

Alien cops, Frogee and Moleth, tells their new allies the origin of the mad alien named Balhalya. Balhalya plans creating a Tahug army and conquer Earth.



Episode 4: Confrontation

Jobert, Jessalaine and Tany begin training on Jobert’s home province. A battle ensues when they are confronted by Balhalya’s mercenaries, Delban and Gantoz.



Episode 5: Termination

Our heroes battle an angry Gantoz. Meanwhile, Balhalya continues to grow an army that could overwhelm any army in the world.



Episode 6: Revelation

Our heroes infiltrates Balhalya’s base, only to realize everything is too late. A new ally is revealed, but is this enough for Jobert and the gang to stop Balhalya’s army?



Episode 7: Distraction

With our heroes in hiding, Balhalya sends a highly evolve form of Tahugs, called the Tahug Ziga Corp, to hunt them down. Jobert is injured.



Episode 8: Tribulation

While Jobert continues his training with Barto, Jessalaine and Tany are attacked by Zem and his new mercenaries, Krystel and Belkro. Will Jessalaine and Tany have enough skill to defeat Zem until Jobert’s return?



Episode 9: Salvation

Our heroes initiate a rescue plan for Tany and Jessalaine, which will lead them to an all out confrontation with Balhalya’s Tahug army.



Episode 10: Confusion

Zem has placed Jobert in a trance; Jobert believes he is a patient in a mental hospital, and everything that has happened are all figments of his imagination.



Episode 11: Destruction

All out war has begun between our heroes and Balhalya’s army. It is up to Jobert and the guys to stop Balahlya from conquering the planet.



Episode 12: Evolution

Balhalya evolves once again, this time into a terrifying and destructive creature. More powerful than all our heroes combined.



Episode 13: Culmination

Jobert is the last hope in defeating Balhalya, but can he summon enough strength to finally defeat the mad alien?

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6 responses

1 08 2013

i would like to buy this comics 😦 but i dont know how !!! im living here in u.s .. please let me know if there is possible way that i can buy this comics ..

9 05 2014

Sorry Aljun, the comics is already out of print. Anyway the animation is an expounded and improved version of the comics. We will finish the animation this year, it depends on the distributor of where and when they will distribute the show.

30 09 2015
Chris Price

Why do none of the episode links work?

30 09 2015

We have not visited or updated the episodes for about 4 years as there will be some minor changes in it once everything is finalised.There will be 13-episodes to fit the standard number of episode per season. So unless it’s finalised, the episodes link will not work.

16 05 2020

When’s the animation airing?

17 05 2020

For streaming, but we are still finalizing the fix ups, special effects, voice over (in Tagalog) and editing of all the episodes to 4K. The hard part
is getting the right people for the budget. No time line, hopefully to finish this year.

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