GameFounders Big Asia Tour Featuring Unity

13 06 2015

      GameFounders, a group of people who as gone to different parts of the world to look for games and studios that would be given an opportunity to promote their games. Their goal is to propel games that are picked and give them the proper head start in the industry. They set a game pitch last May 29, 2015 in A Space 110 Legazpi Street, Makati as one of their destinations in their Asian Tour; the pitch was launched around 5 pm by Mr. Anthony Walker, COO and Partner at GameFounders. He talked about the pitches that was conducted in other countries and the progress of each of the previously selected games. He highlighted the previous attendees’ pitches goals and processes and described the steps the individuals took to attain the goals within their timelines. The next speaker was Mr. Sho Sato, Chief Analyst at Media Create; he gave us an insight on statistics of gaming in Japan. He also gave us tips on how we can get a good start in making games and how to make it a lasting game. There were two other speakers Mr. Siow Aik Wee of MDEC and Mr. Gabby Dizon, CEO and Founder of Attitude Games. The talk, presentation and socials ended around 8:30 pm.

event title

speaker 01

Mr. Anthony Walker of GameFounders

sho sato_game founders

Mr. Sho Sato of Media Create

speaker 02

Mr. Sio Aik Wee of MDEC

speaker gabby

Mr. Gabby Dizon of Attitude Games

speaker 01 with top peg grp

guests develprs




      The pitch started with lots of energy and promise. The first pitch was very simple and was presented on a short powerpoint presentation. The said game was inclined on a graphic novel and on role playing game (rpg) themed game. The next two individuals provided a more elaborate display of their games by presenting some visuals of what their games could be. One was a very colourful puzzle themed game that is composed of mini-games and the latter was a 2D brawling game. The last presentation was Top Peg Animation Studio’s entry CHECKMATE which I created and MAZE RIDER created by Kristopher Rafael. Our presentation was complete with flyers, stickers and brochures that were given away. We also provided a playable demo of the game for people who want to try it out. We got great tips, marketing perspectives and additional information to add to our games in the near future. There were some advice on refining and improving our logos, character designs and some assets. CHECKMATE and MAZE RIDER got good reviews since both were unique in theme, game play and  art design. 

pitching reminder

Pitching Reminder

Pitcher 01

Pitcher 1

pitch er 02

Pitcher 2

Pitcher 03

Pitcher 3

pitcher 04 tharine

Catherine Bunag Ruiz Pitching Checkmate




tharine w sign

Catherine Bunag Ruiz

pitcher 05 rafael 02

Kristofer Rafael Pitching Maze Rider

Maze Rider 01 ingame

Maze Rider ingame 02

rafael w title

Kristofer Rafael

rafael w speker 01

Pitcher 06

Pitcher 6

speaker 01 testing game

Testing the Mobile Game

Top Peg group 2

Catherine with On the Job Trainees

top Peg group

grace tharine and rafael

Grace with Catherine and Kristofer

      We look forward for the next event to try our luck once more and to be able to share our experiences and meet new people in the gaming industry. It is very good to see that there are individuals seeking to create unique and innovate ways to make games that benefits the game development and playing community. It is also very inspiring that organizations such as GameFounders push new games to be better rather than criticizing and putting other developers down. The event provided a positive learning environment for all the creators who presented their game concepts.

Article by Catherine Bunag Ruiz, Creative Programs Coordinator Top Peg Studios Inc.  Illustrator and Game Concept Designer




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