ACPI at Annecy 2017

21 07 2017


Annecy International Animated Film Festival & Market (June 11-16, 2017)

     The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) headed by chairman Liza Dino has supported the Animation Council of the Phils (ACPI) to promote the Philippine animation industry for the first time in France called ” ANNECY International Animated Film Festival & Market 2017.”

Grace with Liza Dino FDCP Chairperson

Main Conference Area

FDCP and ACPI Delegation

     ANNECY is a wonderful place surrounded by beautiful mountains and a lake.  The place can inspire artists, filmmakers, animators and other creatives to come up with new ideas and creations.  Annecy event holds a trade fair, exhibit, and conference of different companies, producers, network, studios, vendors, schools from different countries involved in producing, promoting, training and enhancing animation works for both professionals and students.

Annecy Lake and Mountains

ACPI Airbnb Place

ACPI Airbnb – 30 Minute Walk to the Conference Area

Annecy Town

Town Church

     FDCP has invested in the Philippines’ pavilion and its design and also generously hosted a Philippine Night with invited guests, colleagues and networked partners from Annecy.

Philippine Pavillion

ACPI Booth

With  Japan Toei Production Manager 

Philippine Night Guests

     The Philippine Animation industry delegates who attended the event are Top Peg Animation Studio, Toon City, College of St. Benilde, Toon Academy, TOEI Animation Phils and Animation Vertigo. Original content from Animahenasyon finalist/ winners were shown in the pavilion together with original content from the Philippine delegate companies.

     Other booths from companies and other countries are shown below:

United Kingdom



South Africa




     Highlights of the events are: attending the conference/ meeting for RECA, French animation schools network; a conference for GO NAGAI, creator of Mazinger Z; talk/ forum with invited Animation Director: Glen Keane ; conference/ talk about  women in animation world summit ; a conference about  100 years of Japanese animation and a lot of film screenings of new movies coming up both on the mainstream, indie films  and student films.

Reca Conference

Mazinger Z Creator Talk

Japanese Animé Conference

     Here is a video of different perspectives of big studio people from Sony pictures animation, Warner Animation Group, Disney Television Animation about the challenges of the Animation industry today at Annecy MIFA 2017:

    Having a PHILIPPINE ANIMATION PAVILION at Annecy is a big step to show the world that the Philippines has a thriving animation country. Producers, investors and global network executives should take a look at the creativity and skills of the Filipino animators and artists. That it is good to invest here, outsource their animation content and visit the Philippines to learn about the colorful and diverse Filipino culture of which animated stories and content can be drawn from.

Essay and Pictures by Grace A. Dimaranan




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