Ultimate Crop Circle Warriors – E-Comics (Sample Page/s)

9 12 2014

     Shown below is the sample of the Ultimate Crop Circle Warriors e-comic page (2 pages spread out). The official title of the e-comic is UCCW:Front Line® which may be online late 1st quarter of 2015. The UCCW is for the older teens and younger adults who would like to have a more serious story line and drawings compared to Jobert and the Crop Circle Warriors®, which is for kids. The origin of the UCCW© will differ from Jobert and the Crop Circle Warriors®.

     Also shown is the process of creating the page, with the study of the characters, drawing and inking (manual – using pen and ink) and coloring process (digital). The drawings have more details and realism compared to the previous sample drawings in 2013.


Khurumga based on the earlier UCCW drawings


2013 version of Khurumga 

tn pg2-3

Still not sure what Khurumga’s minions look like

aliens sample

Proposed minions by the artist (Accepted)

1 - Finished Inks

Finished Inks

2 - Cleaned Lines

Cleaned Lines

3 - BG Color

Background Color

4 - BG FX

Background Special Effects

6 - BG details

Background Details

7 - Character Colors

Character Colors

8 - Character Shading

Character Shading

9 - Character Lights

Character Lights

10 - Light FX

Lights Special Effects

11 - Add captions and Frame

Add Captions and Frame




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