Chizm Council

12 03 2013

The Chizm Council was the last of the characters in the Jobert and the Crop Circle Warriors series to be conceptualized and drawn, as it was only shown in the official introduction which was conceptually crystallized last mid-2012. Last December 2010, I had no idea what the Chizm Council (Chism Council then) should look like. I only had a vague notion that nobody in the series knows who or what they are, except they appear as energy forms  – so that’s the description of what we submitted to our broker. Way back then we were not sure of our concept, so we were not really prepared to have the product for final presentation and marketing.

Now I know better, and the said Council can have a good back story in the prequel – if it ever gets done.  Shown below are the preliminary drawings which were rejected and the final drawings wherein some of the colors of the characters in the official introduction were changed. Some of the rejected drawings could still be used in the prequel if the story calls for it. The first four drawings are the accepted ones, although the fourth one was supposed to be a character in season two and was over designed, but we were pressed for time and decided to just include it as part of the Council. The last three drawings were over designed and evil looking; I also did not ask for a Sphinx-like character but the artist still drew it anyway.

easter (1)




ChismCouncil-EASTER copy

ChismCouncil-IGOROT-FINAL copy

ChismCouncil-SPHINX copy

Shown below are some of the preliminary sketches that were rejected or finalized.












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28 05 2013
slow juicer in malaysia

It’s wonderful that you are getting ideas from this piece of writing as well as from our discussion made at this time.

23 06 2013

Greetings to you and Malaysia.

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