3D Graphics

2 03 2013

Jobert and the Crop Circle Warriors is primarily a 2D animation or hand drawn, but we also used 3D graphics for faster production. The total production got stalled mainly because of training new artists for the 2D animation. Toppeg Animation does not yet use tablet computers for the 2D in the series, as the budget was lacking. The 3D animation is mainly used for technological or machine drawings, like automobiles, robots and space ships, after which they are rendered  and colored in 2D style to fit the whole picture environment. According to the director and the co-producer, drawing the machines by hand takes more time, an example like similar multiple robots could easily be duplicated by the computer. However, people’s faces  and bodies in the series need to be drawn as they will look too stiff  if the 3D graphics are used.

The design of the machine is first drawn by hand and given (job-out or outsourced) to the freelance 3D artists to make a 3D model of the machine, spaceship etc. and rendered into 2D. Shown below are the numerous 3D animation used in the series.

Ep3 3D Jellyfish Satellite Cannon

Jellyfish Canon

Ep1 Jobert's Car

Jobert’s Car

Ep1 3D Car 2

Stolen Car

Ep2 Frogee Mother Ship 2

Mother Ship

Ep1 3D Jeepney

Jeepney and Background

Ep2 3D Background


Ep2 3D Droid

Ordinary Droid

Ep3 3D Droids and Background

Ordinary Droids in the Laboratory

Ep9 Original Battle Droid

Original Battle Droid which was replaced as it looked like Bumble Bee in Transformers

Ep9 Redesigned Battle Droids 1-1

Study of New Battle Droid

Ep9 Final Battle Droid

Final Battle Droid

Ep9 Final Design Battle Droids 2

Army of Battle Droids

Ep12 Assassin Droid 3

Assassin Droid

Ep12 Assassin Droid 1

Assassin Droid

Ep2 Manta Ship

Balhalya’s Manta Ship, it was replaced as it looked like a ship from the Avenger’s cartoon

Ep3 Angler SHip Model

Study of Balhalya’s New Angler Ship

Ep3 Angler Battleship

Angler Ship and Akalan Background

Ep4 3D Tadpole Ship 2

Frogee’s Tadpole Shuttle

Ep4 3D Tadpole Ship

Another view of tadpole shuttle

Ep4 3D Tadpole Ship - Cloaked

Cloaked Tadpole Shuttle

Ep9 Tadpole Ship Upgrade

Battle Tadpole Ship

TadpoleSHip Ep9 1

TadpoleShip Ep9 2

Ep9 Tadpole Ship Upgrade 2




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