United Crop Circle Warriors (UCCW) Issue #1 E-Comic

25 01 2016

     UCCW cover page 1

   United Crop Circle Warriors: The Front Line #1

eISBN#  978-971-94765-1-1

     The United Crop Circle Warriors© (UCCW) – The Front Line  Volume 1 Issue # 1 as of March 9, 2016 is available at Flipreads, Amazon, iTunes and Kobo. Barnes & Noble to follow. The said comic has 44 pages with about 4 pages with 2 pages combined to accommodate the drawings – if counted per page it will total 48 pages. The UCCW is an extension of the Jobert and the Crop Circle Warriors® property. The UCCW will have 3 issues;  issue 2 may come out in August and issue 3 later in the year, both issues will only have 36 pages each. 

Intro United isbn

UCCW Issue #1 Introduction

      At the early part of January 2016, Alstaire suggested to Paolo (writer) to make a summary of the UCCW issue #2. After a few days, Paolo emailed the summary but he wrote United Crop Circle Warriors© instead of the Ultimate Crop Circle Warriors in the summary. After two days, I decided to change the title to United Crop Circle Warriors© since it fits the concept and storyline better than the original title.

     Since UCCW issue #1 was undergoing some conversion for the various e-book platforms in early January, we were able to make the changes to the name inside the e-comic before the final conversion and release to the market.

    The comic took a long time to make as the artist is the penciller and inker at the same time. Sometime during the middle of last year I asked him about hiring an inker, but he said the style would be different from the ones he made earlier, so I had no choice but to wait until he finished every page.  The artist had to conceptualize the other main characters, minor characters, backgrounds and ships. Aside from his other job contracts, he had some personal or family problems that he has to attend to as well during the creation of the comic. But overall, he did a very good job with the drawings. Below are some of the study drawings for the comic. 

Draft of Cover

Draft of Cover

UCCW cover page







Faizah New


Faizah Design

Faizah Transformed as a UCCW by Alstaire

crystal lady






Naja Design

Naja – Alstaire’s Suggestion



large head alien

Minor Character

six arm alien

Minor Characters

Untitled-1 copy

Two Choices for a Character


Page Draft






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