New Developments

31 08 2012

It has been awhile since this website has been updated since production has been slow due to agreed lower budget than actual market cost and there were some changes made to make the series better. It has been long enough that I already forgot about the username and password for the WordPress and Photobucket  account of our company. In fact, this web page got lost for a few months since I forgot to pay the annual dues to WordPress. There are also some bugs in this website that needs to be fixed. However, the delays had turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we were able to refine the animation concept, realign the title, typography and the introduction with the concept, enhance the special effects, edit the unnecessary scenes, add subtitles, make it high definition, do the script for season two, make new posters, improve the pitch bible, make a game for android and others.

The improvements would not have been possible were it not for the seminars attended both by co-producer Grace Dimaranan and animation director Alstaire Sarthou. There were also some unsolicited suggestions made by the foreign broker and a speaker for a seminar that helped us to improve the animation. Although there are many improvements already, the production is far from perfect. As Grace Dimaranan recalled in one of her foreign trips, an executive for a cartoon cable network told her that even if they accept an animation product, it has to be fixed for at least 6 months before they air it on television. As a first timer for an animation project, this remark is hardly motivating. We have learned a lot mostly from our mistakes and ignorance in the intricacies of animation production (pre-production, production, post production), marketing and legal aspects. But we’re moving there, in the next few days, some of those improvements , as well as the people who helped with the  improvements will be posted.




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